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Guitar tab / Version 1
Praise Jah In The Moonlight
YG Marley
[Intro] e|--5-----4------2-----2-------------------------------------------------------------| B|--7-----5------2-----3-------------------------------------------------------------| G|--7-----6------2-----4-------------------------------------------------------------| D|--7-----6------4-----4-------------------------------------------------------------| A|--5-----4------4-----2-----------------5-----7-------------------------------------| E|--x-----x------2-----x--------7-----9----------------------------------------------| D C#m F#m Bm The song is basically these four chord in loop but i like to do a transition between the Bm and the D that is playing in bar chordes just struming one time starting on the Bm and going to the C#m, then to a D and finishing on a E, then go back to the D and play the same thing. Or do this simple riff.