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Tabs and chords
Chord chart / Version 1
[Part 1] C 365 days Am Tell me you’re a wounded soldier Ya ain’t had much luck but grace is F In the eye of the beholder And I had my own ideas but G I carried you on my shoulders, anyways [Part 2] C I stop picking up all your phone calls Am Yake a shot at decency If I heard your voice on the other line F Unceremoniously The shadows of a lie or A state of emergency G I’ve been run down [Part 3] C I catch your poison arrow Am I catch your same disease Bow like a weeping willow F Buckling at the knees G Begging you please [Part 4] C Am If you fly up beyond the cosmos F G It’s a long way to fall back down C Am You always go about this the wrong way F G And I’m too weak to just let you drown [Part 5] C So when you kill, I kill Am And when you ache, I ache F G And we both haunt this old lifeless town C And when you fail, I fail Am When you fly, I fly F G And its a long way to come back down [Part 6] C 365 days Am Tell me I’m your lucky charm We defy gravity again F Somehow make it out unharmed And I have my thoughts about it but G I carry you in my arms, anyways [Part 7 - Guitar 1] C Am F G C [Part 7 - Guitar 2] e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------1p0-----------------------------------------| G|-----0-------------0-2-------------2-0-------------------------------------| D|-0h2---0h2~----0-2-----0h2~------------0h2--0-----------0-2~----0----------| A|----------------------------------------------3~----0-3--------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| ************************************ | p Pull-off | h Hammer-on | ~ Vibrato ************************************