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Youre Gonna Realise
The Damned
YOU'RE GONNA REALISE As recorded by The Damned (From the 2023 Album DARKADELIC) [Intro] Em N.C. Em C D [Verse 1] Em You used to be brave Em You used to be strong Em So many stories C D Sung in your song [Chorus] G D Am You're gonna realise the past is just the past G D Am The now is now you gotta seize it and be saved Am Seize it to be saved [Verse 2] Em I used to be you Em You used to be me Em A distant horizon Em You followed me Em Once outcast Em Now embraced Em Misunderstood C D Fallen from grace [Verse 3] Em Like a vital spark that captured the heart C D A black leather pariah switchblade in the dark [Chorus] G D Am You're gonna realise that time is not your friend G D Am No matter what you gotta see it till the end Am Embrace the changes like a friend [Bridge] Cmaj7 D Em Like back in time things that mattered seen anew C D A renaissance of your soul Em Cmaj7 D Doors of perception awakening all Em C D You're gonna realise Em C D You're gonna realise [Outro] G D Am You've got to realise it's time to seize the day Am Take it all the way Em Yeah yeah yeah...