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Guitar tab / Version 1
Natasha Bedingfield
artist: Natasha Bedingfield Song: Unwritten Tabbed by: Carlos Ramirez Tuning: standard with CAPO on 3rd fret D Cadd9 G/B Gm6 Bm7 Em7 G -2- -3- -3-- -0-- -2- -0- -3- -3- -3- -3-- -3-- -3- -3- -3- -2- -0- -0-- -0-- -2- -0- -0- -0- -2- -0-- -2-- -4- -2- -0- --- -3- -2-- -1-- -2- -2- -2- --- --- ---- ---- --- -0- -3- (INTRO) E e|---2-----2p3-----2p0----------------| B|------------------------5p3---------| G|------------------------------------|(4) D|------0-------0------0-------0------| A|------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------| (VERSE) E e|---2-----2p3-----2p0----------------| B|------------------------5p3---------| G|------------------------------------|(8x) D|------0-------0------0-------0------| A|------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------| I am unwritten can't read my mind I'm undefined I'm just beginning the pen's in my hand ending unplanned D Cadd9 G/B e|--2------3p2---2p0---0-------2----3p2------2p0------0-----2-------------| B|--3------3-----3-----3-------3----3--------3--------3-----3-------------| G|-----2-------------------------0-----------------------------0----------| D|--0---------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------3----------------------------2-------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| staring at the blank page before you open up the dirty window Gm6 e|--3p2---------2p0----0---0------0---------------------0-------------------| B|--3-----------3------3---3------3---------------------3-------------------| G|-----------------------------0----------0--------0------------------------| D|--------------------------------------------2-----------------------------| A|-------------------------1------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find D Cadd9 G/B e|--2------3p2---2p0-------0-------2----3p2------2p0--------0-------2----| B|--3------3-----3---------3-------3----3--------3----------3-------3----| G|-----2------------------------------0--------------------------------0-| D|--0--------------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------3--------------------------------2----| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------| reaching for something in the distance so close you can almost taste it e|-----3p2----2p0--------0------| B|-----3------3----------3------| G|------------------------------| D|------------------------------| A|------------------------------| E|------------------------------| release your inhibitions CHORUS: Bm7 Feel the rain on your skin Em7 G no one else can feel it for you D Bm7 only you can let it in Em7 G no one else no one else D Bm7 can speak the words on your lips Em7 G drench yourself in words unspoken D Bm7 live your life with arms wide open Em7 today is where your book begins D the rest is still unwritten intro.. D I break tradition sometimes my tries are outside the lines D we've been conditioned to not make mistakes but I can't live that way D Cadd9 staring at the blank page before you G/B open up the dirty window Gm6 let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find D Cadd9 reaching for something in the distance G/B so close you can almost taste it release your inhibitions (Chorus)... D G e|--2----3p2-----2p0-----------2---3p2---2p0-------------| B|---------------------5p3----------------------5p3------| G|-------------------------------0-----0-----0-------0---| (2x) D|-----0-------0-----0-----0-----------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------| D G Staring at the blank page before you D open up the dirty window G let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find D G reaching for something in the distance D so close you can almost taste it G release your inhibitions chorus, Bm7 Em7 G D.....