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Runescape - Wending Through The Willows
Misc Computer Games
Game: Runescape Title: Wending Through the Willows Composer: Mod Lord, Michael M, Mod Bond Singer: Kerry Bolland (This track unlocks during "Song from the Depths" quest) [Intro] Dm G Dm G [Verse 1] Dm G Wending through the willows G/F Dm A song upon the air Dm G It spirals and it frolics G/F Dm A lust upon its breath Dm G The words crave for purchase F Dm For ears to pour their course Dm G But silence is its partner G Dm as it dances on the ford Dm G Dm G [Verse 2] Dm G Wending through the willows F Dm It maddens and ferments Dm G Wasp-like for a moment F Dm Then dirge of cricket legs Dm G Demure like a mayfly F Dm Then wispish as the breeze Dm G The song unwinds, forgets itself G Dm and settles on the stream Dm G Dm G [Verse 3] Dm G Wending through the willows F Dm A woodsman cups his ear Dm G On his palm an echo F/A Dm It sparks and tumbles in Dm G There it lights a bonfire F/A Dm Song burns and is reborn Dm G The woodsman hums it brightly Gsus4 Dm As it's loosed upon the air Dm G Dm G Dm