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Friday Night Funkin Vs Sonic Exe - Endless
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[Verse 1] Am Fun is infinite here, so beware! F G Cuz' you know there's nowhere to run or hide Am C You'll find, that in the mind of a freak like me E7 You will see, an endless void inside! Am Oh, ah oh eh, eh ah oh ah e eh oh e F E E, oh e eh, eh oh ah Am Ah eh oh, Ah oh eh, eh C Ah e e, oh e o eh E7 Er eh ah, E7 Eh er ah eh Am You have moxie, kid Am So why don't you do our bidding? G After all, nothin' else to do! F G We've been here for so long we forgot how to run! G Too bad you won't be able to! Am Oh, eh oh, eh oh eh oh Am Eh oh eh e eh e G Ah oh, ah e, uh oh oh, eh F G Eh er e ah e oh e eh er, eh a e G Oh e eh oh eh e eh oh e [Pre-Chorus] Am You keep fighting? How enlightening G Do applaud yourself! F You have the courage that G My past self used to have! Am Eh a er ah Eh a er ah Am E eh er e e eh er e G Ah e oh, e eh F Eh, e a e a oh, G But now I've merely gone mad! [Chorus] C G E7 It's a story filled with dread! E7 But it matters none! Am F Once you're dead and gone... C G E7 You'll be nothing more than a, fad! F C It's maddening how I'm... G Living in the past... E7 G I was once so fast! F But now I'm forced to sit and wait... [Verse 2] Am It's all a win-win! C When it's signed by Majin, buddy! F Wave your flag and give in G Here it's all sink or swim, buddy! Am Look to the stars! G And compare them to ours, you see? Am It's so very dark... G Why can't you be our spark here, buddy! Am We love new friends! G So the fun never ends, buddy! C Let's make amends! G You'd make for a great understudy Am You have no choice! G Can't depend on your voice! F Give it up and rejoice! G It's the end! [Bridge] Am I recall that once in an old past life, I... G Always had fun, I... C Guess you could say that it was all Infinite! Am Then to my surprise G A beast who looked like I came C And dried the land clean of life! G Caused my once pure mind to decay away! Am Ooh ooh ooh e ooh oh ooh oh G Eh, er, eh C E ah e, oh, eh, e G Eh oh eh oh eh e ooh oh eh e eh oh eh Am Ooh, ooh ooh Am Ah, ah ah G Oh eh er eh, eh oh C Eh er eh a e oh e G Eh oh eh oh eh oh ooh ah [Outro] C At least now you know G How I lost my old soul Am To a version of me G Who had lost all control, buddy! C Was I too slow? G Was it just my time to go? Am At least I put on a show! G And sang with a brand new buddy! C I'm out of breath! G You worked this sucker to death! Am You know, this was a duet... G That I'll never forget, buddy! C You're free to stay! G If you want, anyway! Am But if not, then good day! G Hope to see you again, buddy! (Majin, Spoken) C N.C Not bad, little man. not bad