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Chord chart / Version 1
hey, nothing
[Verse 1] G B Chamomile is not that bad C you can fill it up with sugar G you can throw it in the trash C you've been treating me the way Em I treat my chamomile tea B except my chamomile would never ever do this to me [Verse 2] G You swore you'll make it better B if I give you the chance C G but I did the time before and we both know where it lands C Em you said Sorry Tyler it will never happen again C B oh look it did how cute just friends [Verse 3] G B If we're being honest no it's not that bad C G It's just sort of inconvenient having talks like that C I don't wanna hurt ur feelings Em I just want you to know B N.C. B you should always think it through before you let me gooo [Outro] G B C G C Em B