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Weight Beneath My Sin
Five Finger Death Punch
"Weight Beneath My Sin" Five Finger Death Punch Lyrics (AZLyrics.com) (feat. Ryan Clark Of Demon Hunter) I am strictly an acoustic guitar player. I wanted to work out this song for a next gig because I love FFDP. Then I thought hey the UG community has been helping me for my 10 year musical conquest so I want to give the chords. I wrote it in the Key of Bm/Dmaj, which I am fairly certain is the correct key because the chords sound great over it. For the solo and all the fun stuff improvise in Bm or B Penatonic Minor. PS: I don't like capos but if you're having trouble barring you can place a capo on the 2nd fret. Bm minor would then be Am shape ect... Or use the UG transpose tool to knock it down two half steps to get the chord shapes for the capo without much thinking. Listen to the song for the rhythm, but I also encourage creating your own beat and feel. Keep Rocking! Bm D You stole my life - you've taken everything A Left me here to die Bm D A You wonder why - I wish you'd suffocate G And kiss your ass goodnight Em It's the same old fucking story Bm The same old fucking lies Fm The same old fucking ending G With the fucking same good bye Bm I can't believe... [Chorus:] Bm Now I know that D I don't belong - I don't care A Em You're a scar burned into my skin Bm D Can't hold on - can't move on A Bm You're the weight beneath my sin Bm D You wish I'd die - you don't care how A And I know you don't care why Bm D Can't see what you see - I know you're Begging me G Begging me to bleed Em It's the same old fucking story Bm The same old fucking lies Fm Without the same old ending G Without the same good byes Bm I can't believe... [Chorus-repeat]