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Bass tab / Version 1
Weakened Revolution
59 Times the Pain
Weakened Revolution - 59 Times The Pain tabbed by: ryan b If you want to play it as 59 does, then play in flat and move up what I've written by a fret. Riff A: (once) A--66666666------2-4--66666666------4-2-- E-----------2222---------------2222------ Riff B: (once) A----------------------------------------------------- E--4h6-66-6-6-6--4h6-66-6-6-6--4h6-66-6-6-6--66---66-- Riff C: (once) A--------------------------------------- E--22222222-22222222-22222222-22222222-- Riff D: (once) A--22222222-22222222--44444444-4444h6-6-- E---------------------------------------- Riff C: (once) Riff E: (once) A--22222222-22222222--44444444-44444444-- E---------------------------------------- Riff A: (once) Riff B: (once) Riff C: (once) Riff D: (once) Riff C: (once) Riff E: (twice) Riff F: (once) A------------------------------------ E--66--66--66--66--66--66--66-66--6-- ***rest for guitars/vocals - "Fucked up people..." (1:17 - 1:33)*** Riff G: (once) A--------------------------------------- E--66666666-66666666-66666666-66666666-- Riff A: (6 times) Riff H: (once) A------------------------------------------------------------- E--4h6-66-6-6-6--4h6-66-6-6-6--4h6-66-6-6-6--4h6-66-6-6-6--2--